What is it?

Implanon is a single-rod contraceptive implant that is inserted under the skin of the upper arm. Implanon provides protection against pregnancy for 3 years. Implanon is currently available by appointment only at our Santa Ana medical center.

How does it work?
The tiny rod releases hormones on a daily basis. Implanon does not contain estrogen and is therefore an excellent alternative for women who do not tolerate estrogen.

Who can get it?
Females of any age who are not currently pregnant.

What are the advantages of Implanon?

  • Insertion is quick (average 1.1 minutes, and 2.6 minutes for removal)
  • User compliance is not an issue (no day-to-day responsibility for patient)
  • Highly effective
  • Can be removed at any time, and fertility rapidly returns to pre-implant levels
  • No estrogen

Where is it available?
Implanon appointments can be made at all medical center sites except Orange and Costa Mesa Express.

How much does it cost?
Implanon (the product and the insertion) will cost between $450 and $540, depending upon the patient’s income (sliding fee). Removal of the device will be between $490 and $580. And removal with reinsertion will cost between $500-$590.

Many insurance programs will cover Implanon, and the patient should give all of this information to the staff scheduling her appointment. We will contact that patient to inform them of the dollar amount covered for the device, and what her share of cost will be.

Implanon is now covered under Family Pact.


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